How We’re Different

Teamifier Provides the Structure that Supports Easy and Secure Interaction


Leverage natural information structure and inter-project connections, rather than tedious, low-level grants of authority, to distribute information directly to those who:

  • will find it relevant
  • are authorized to view it


Dynamically aggregate project management information based on the user’s current point of interest.


Easily amplify your own technology by leveraging the power of context on Teamifier’s platform.

Teamifier Provides the Structure that Supports Creativity

Contributions of ideas are incremental

Because these contributions are extremely light-weight, they:

  • don’t get put off until later (never)
  • are made over time, so encourage long-term relationships
  • support real-time tracking of progress
  • encourage collaboration

Contributions of ideas, effort, and funds are directed by project structure

Because these contributions are directed by the project’s structure, they:

  • orient outsiders and allow them to find common ground with your interests
  • keep everybody aligned around your mission
  • support scaling to high complexity
  • enable solutions to be automatically directed to where they will be relevant, rather than buried in a discussion thread